Under Construction: Meridian Hills Residence

January 22, 2016

A new two-story volume anchors what used to be a modest, sprawling 1960’s single-family home in the Meridian Hills neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana. The subtly exaggerated gabled form of the main living spaces, paired with its more reserved ground level, gives the house an identity within the quiet neighborhood while remaining in humble contrast to its context.

Built in 1961, the original ranch-style house warranted improvements to its limited square footage in order to meet the needs of the current homeowners. Renovating the entire main level and adding a second floor allows the house to elevate its stature while maintaining a proportion that fits comfortably in a residential scale.

Image by Masterpiece Building & Restoration

Image by Masterpiece Building & Restoration

Selectively perforating the exterior walls with expanses of glass fills interior spaces with light and gives the exterior of the home a more contemporary appearance. Cementitious siding, brick and glass comprise the home’s material palette and reinforce the identity of this newly dynamic home.

A portico-style entryway is created by the addition of the second level, concealed by large brick columns, paralleled by a wall of glazing.  A network of congestive rooms, formerly the house’s kitchen, dining and living rooms, were combined into a free-flowing, unrestrained open floor plan, connecting the activities of each space with one another.  The home’s existing bedrooms were reconfigured to incorporate a new master suite on the main level and provide an additional bedroom, increasing the number from three to four.  A voluminous second floor vaulted ceiling loft creates a spacious entertainment room for the family.  Connecting the main and upper levels is a new central staircase which freely opens the entertainment room to the living spaces below.



Existing home

An extensive renovation and addition offer a fresh identity to what was an unassuming residence on the north side of Indianapolis.  The family’s appreciation for contemporary design and understanding of the need to remain contextually relevant has made this project a significant success through a team-focused design process.

Completion of construction is scheduled for early May 2016.